You Can't Make Everyone Happy...You're Not Ice Cream!

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“You can’t make everyone’re not ice cream,” were the words on the message board in the front window of Colleen’s Sandwich and Ice Cream Shop—which has to be the cutest little 60’s vintage-style diner located right in the heart of Medford, Mass. The message caught me so off guard on this particularly chilly Winter’s day in February that I literally burst into laughter right in front of the shop.
As passers by chuckled with me (and at me) due to my lol "Laugh-out-loud" reaction, I decided I wanted to “be happy” too; and since I was already smitten with the vintage look of the place—big diner windows, shiny silver grate awning and all—I headed in to order a sandwich and some ice cream!

Colleen's You're Not Ice Cream Sandwich

The inside I discovered is a throwback junky’s dream. High counter tops, swivel barstools, black and white booths, and retro black and white porcelain mosaic tile floors—like the ones in the century old brownstone where I grew up back in Brooklyn.  Best of all, the diner clocks are all pink and blue retrofitted neon lit signs that give Colleen’s a bright and colorful familiar feel. It’s was throwback heaven!

After a warm greeting from the diner owner and almost every Medford town native that walked in, I quickly understood why Colleen’s has been dubbed the favorite neighborhood spot. It may be freezing outside, but it’s guaranteed warm and welcoming service inside.  During my brief lunch time there, the ice cream orders kept rolling in. Colleen’s steadily drew a mixed crowd—from the young pajama pants wearing millennial to the finely ripened senior, all seeking what I too was so thrilled to find there—a great grilled sandwich, delicious ice cream, and AMBIANCE!

So the next time you’re in Medford, Mass. or planning a destination drive, stop into Colleen’s for a delicious taste of modern, sprinkled with nostalgia, topped with Vintage love!!



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  • Loved everything about this post! Reading about these retro-themed restaurants really took me back to simpler times!

    Gregory C Vilfranc on

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