Top 3 Power Tool Brands For Your Home

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Like so many of you, I've recently found myself spending more time at home and undertaking more DIY projects that are requiring more power! With my new Thrift Barn Design Gallery & Shop also under renovation, I quickly realized that I was lacking a number of essential tools in my tool arsenal to complete a lot of my projects. Once I got past the initial frustration of simply trying to complete projects without the right tools for the job, I started doing some power tool research. Which ultimately led me to this brief review of three (3) major brands:
2. Craftsmen
3. DeWalt
One of the first steps for me was to assess what tools I really needed, to finish my desired projects. I had recently purchased a hand sander and staple gun; so what I now wanted was a more adaptable, easy to use drill, a hand saw, and an impact driver (which I confess I had no idea how to use or what it did at first glance). With a little research and some help from "YouTube University" as I like to call it, I was clear on what tools I wanted to begin investing in for my diy projects. I've included some affiliate links to the best combo sets I found below for you guys.
Next was the somewhat frustrating, yet interesting journey of figuring out what brand or tool manufacturer I wanted to buy. This step was a bit more complicated than I initially thought it was going to be. We had owned Ryobi in the past (exclusively carried by HomeDepot) and still had some of their hand drills. So naturally, our first thought was to buy new batteries for our 3 year old drill and its predecessors; epic fail! After two store visits and over an hour wasted waiting for store specialists to help me, I discovered that RYOBI frequently upgrades its tools and accompanying batteries so not only was my now relatively young drill obsolete--but they also informed me that they no longer make the complimentary batteries for the tools, so our drills were now UNUSABLE.
Needless to say I left Home Depot NOT happy! Nevertheless, my visits to Home Depot as well as Lowes, ultimately for research purposes, had provided me with some valuable insight. While there I observed that both establishments carried two prominent power tool brands: Craftsmen and DeWalt. After having discovered the painful joys of buying exclusive store brand tools, I knew that I wanted to now invest in a brand that would allow me to go any major hardware store and find the replacement/maintenance parts I needed to be able to use and enjoy my pricey power tool investment for a longer time.
The DEWALT 20V MAX Combo Kit, Compact 4-Tool, caught my eye right out the gate. It's widely used by industry professionals and for good reason, due to its power and longevity. I liked everything about this kit, except that the price point was honestly a bit high for my budget--especially since I really only needed it for house projects and some diy's I'd be undertaking at my shop. Plus I already had a reciprocating saw at home and didn't want to duplicate.
DeWalt Cordless Power Tool Kit
Then there was Craftsman. Anyone even remotely familiar with tools might easily recognize the Craftsman name that for many of us pre-dates our parents. I liked the idea of their longstanding reputation and much more affordable price point so... (spoiler alert!), I ultimately went with their CRAFTSMAN 4 Tool, V20 Cordless Drill Combo Kit.
Craftsman 4 Power Tool Cordless Set
I also considered smaller DEWALT Kits like the DEWALT 20V MAX 2-Tool Cordless Drill Combo Kit that comes with just the cordless drill and driver; but I knew this would leave me without the rotating saw I needed--despite its obvious quality. Since I had stumbled across it while completing my research, I also added the Dedeo Cordless Hammer Drill Tool Kit, 60Pcs Household Power Tools Drill Set to my Shopping List. It had racked up a lot of great customer reviews on Amazon--so even though I wasn't quite ready to purchase it, it seemed to give a lot of value all in one neat package and I knew that I eventually would want to fill out my home tool kit with these smaller handy items.
Dedeo Household Power Tool Set 60 piece
Craftsman tools set display

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