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In the midst of this extremely unusual time of quarantine and social distancing due to the corona virus, I found myself like so many others in immediate need of a chest rub that would help alleviate some of the flu-like symptoms and chest congestion my family was facing. I always prefer to go the natural plant-based route for remedies and this was no different. You can read my Flu bomb post for the details of our two sick spells and the homemade flu bomb recipe that also helped speed our recovery.
However, I couldn’t get my baby to drink the flu bomb without much protest and fear of choking, so I quickly turned to my “Reference Guide for Essential Oils” app which is my usual go-to. This time I would use it to figure out what remedy I‘d need for this fancy flu we were facing!
When I got to the section “Flu” in the guide, it suggested a variety of potent Young Living oils that could all be used to tackle the flu and its related symptoms; but my attention went right to the top two oils on the list that focused on respiratory support!
The first of these is “Respiratory Care” by Young Living. It is a powerful respiratory aid containing all three varieties of Eucalyptus oil that can be diffused for breathing relief or used topically for absorption directly through the skin. The second oil is “Raven.” Hailed for its effectiveness in alleviating symptoms of pneumonia and tuberculosis, it contains oils that help open up the respiratory system when diffused and has anti-viral properties.
Needless to say, this info was pure gold to me—and once I realized I had both oils in the house, I quickly mixed together this homemade chest rub recipe with wondrous results! Each member of the family that I consecutively applied this on recovered within 24 hrs! Fevers broke and heaviness on the chest was alleviated—including my own.
I was so amazed and beyond impressed at the results— I just had to share this with all of you. So here’s what you’ll need:
12 drops of Raven essential oil (Young Living)
12 drops RC essential oil (Young Living)
1/2 - 3/4 cup organic coconut oil
You may order your oils here from Young Living by simply registering for an account on their site.
Mix with a spoon and store in a small glass jar. Rub liberally on all areas where the flu has settled and respiratory discomfort is felt. Apply also to your neck/thalmus area (right below your Adam’s apple), temples, and reflex joints on your feet; using your pointer and middle finger together to rub.
If you can catch your symptoms early (Meaning within the first day that you’re not feeling well)—you should fast from eating (No solid foods; only water, freshly made juices, & herbal teas like cinnamon and peppermint are good). If you avoid all impure foods and keep your bowels open—you can most likely recover within 24-48hrs if you have no additional underlying issues.
For an extra immune boost, apply Young Living’s lemon essential oil to the soles of the feet every 20 minutes to help energize and increase white blood cell count production in cases of low immunity and viral infection.
I found myself trying to complete this post as speedily as possible, especially with so many other people suffering from similar symptoms during his time. I’m grateful to be able to share this experience and homemade recipe that worked so well for my family. (*Follow-up to my initial post; my 72 year old mother test positive for Covid-19 several months later at the end of 2020--and also experienced positive results using this rub. Her cough stopped in less than 24 hours after only two applications of the rub following weeks of painful coughing).
I’m not a medical professional and this is not medical advice—I simply wanted to share what has continued to work for us and hope that others will be helped too. Be well and thanks for reading and sharing! ~Che*

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