Inspiration Behind The "Wakanda Collection"

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What Is The Wakanda Collection?

Thrift Barn Wakanda Collection, King and Queen Picture of Gregory and Chenoa

Thrift Barn Interior Design Wakanda Collection King and Queen Picture, Gregory and Chenoa

Inspired by the box office smash hit Black Panther, portrayed by the late Chadwick Boseman and an unforgettable supporting cast, we carefully and thoughtfully curated specific pieces you might find adorning the royal halls in the dream world of Wakanda.

Released for the start of February 2021 through our resale design gallery “Thrift Barn,” we wanted to offer a striking visual representation of the beauty to be found in both design and fashion through African-American representation and artistry.

Thrift Barn Wakanda Collection Accent Chair Picture

Interior Design Recycled Wakanda Collection picture by Thrift Barn

Each piece of this collection has been recycled or up-cycled to highlight its hidden value and appeal. This is an intentional tribute to the discarded inner city neighborhood T’Challa committed to restore as he retraced the forgotten past of his father the late King; truly reminiscent of the Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn neighborhood where I grew up.

Chenoa JV picture, Owner and Principal Interior Designer at Thrift Barn

My desire through this and other Interior design collections at Thrift Barn is always to help people find value and beauty in discarded and forgotten places, in the hope that they too will rediscover their own inner worth. This is the true meaning and beauty behind “The Wakanda Collection” that is intended for all to enjoy. Your support of Thrift Barn and our Wakanda Collection means so much, as a portion of the profits will be used towards our revitalization of downtown Clinton, Massachusetts project--as we do our part to bring artistry, beauty, and economic growth to our local community. 

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